Ailyos Art Nature June – October 2021

Alexia Weill presents two sculptures on the theme of Transformation for Ailyos Art Nature 2021. Installed in Leysin near the Tour d’Aï, the sculptures will be exhibited on a natural promontory from June to October 2021. Official opening day , August 19, 2021.

TRANSFORMATION, white marble circle (130cm) and gray marble square (130cm).

The Square and the Circle are universal geometric figures.

These two sculptures are in total symbiosis, they transform into each other in a permanent dialogue, they symbolize creation in its entirety. They represent the transformation of being and the history of man.

The Square is the symbol of what is created by humans, the concrete, the material. What you can see, touch, hear. & Nbsp;

It is the symbolism of our constructions, of life and of time which has a beginning and an end. It integrates in its center the circle which invites us to feel the invisible.

The Circle is the symbol of harmony, & nbsp; & nbsp; of unity, of eternal time, of immateriality. It represents the cycles of the natural world. What we cannot see but can feel. It incorporates the square in its center as a memory of the experience of life.

“& nbsp; Transformation & nbsp;” is a creation that invites us to question our place as human beings in the universe.

Are we ready to transform ourselves, to change our outlook on life, to be responsible for our actions and to live the passing time with wisdom by integrating the unity of creation into our interiority?


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