Alexia Weill is a Swiss sculptor. She creates by giving shape to stone, wood, resin and bronze. Her installations, sculptures, assemblages and collages are often worked in the shape of a circle. She has been living on the Vaudoise Riviera since 2005 and works in several workshops in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Alexia is present in many private collections in Switzerland, France, Dubai and the United States as well as in public collections in Switzerland. Many towns have acquired her sculptures, notably the towns of Saint Légier, Villeneuve and Aigle. In 2019, she was the first artist to exhibit a work suspended on the water of Lake Geneva during the Montreux Biennale, this work entered the private collection Delarive and can be seen, in permanent exhibition at the Halle Inox in Vevey. Committed to equality between Women and Men for many years, she has been creating works and installations on this theme since 2015. Her latest work created to commemorate 50 years of women’s suffrage in Switzerland officially entered the collection of the Equality Office of the Canton of Vaud in March 2021. Alexia Weill is active in Business & Professional Women, member of the Events Commission and Ambassador of Equal Pay Day in Lausanne and she is also an expert member in Art within the BPW International network. Since 2020, she has been cited as a leading sculptor in the chapter “Equality through the Arts” of the teaching material “The School of Equality” created by the Office for Equality of the Canton of Vaud (BEFH). Alexia Weill has been a member of Visarte Vaud and a member of the Clafv Committee (Liaison Center for Women’s Associations in Vaud) since May 2020.

“Circle of origins” Montreux Biennial 2017