Alexia Weill is a Franco-Swiss artist. She sculpts the stone and transforms it into round and refined forms. She finds her inspiration in nature and the world around her as much as in her dreams and inner sensations which she then engraves in her circles in the image of mandalas.

Alexia was born in Paris and grew up in an artistic environment. During her childhood, she attended all the openings of the Family Gallery in Paris. Her actress grandmother transmitted her passion for cinema to her. After her baccalaureate, Alexia studies cinematographic production and takes courses at the Beaux Arts in Paris to learn sculpture, academic modeling and anatomical drawing. After a first audiovisual career in Paris which led her to live in Madrid, Montreal and to travel to many countries, she decided to settle in Vevey in 2005 and to continue her artistic career by developing her art through the design and creation of sculptures. Alexia sculpts stone and is passionate about this living material. She likes to say, “I didn’t choose the stone, but the stone chose me.”Alexia exhibits her works in France and then in Switzerland and builds her career to give free rein to her own artistic expression in which she fully flourishes. She makes her work known by her circles “Circular Impressions” which she produces in all forms of stones, marbles, granites, serpentines, limestones and basalts which she exhibited for the first time in 2016 in Lausanne, in the “Les Cubes “from the Flon district. Her sculptures are exhibited in Europe, France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, England and then in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and in the United States in New York and Miami. In 2015, Alexia made its first public order for the 800th anniversary of the Municipality of Villeneuve by making a sculpture for the medieval garden, then in 2017, it created for the Montreux Biennial, the monumental sculpture “Original Circles” representing the 5 elements of creation, this sculpture is installed at the end of the exhibition on the quays of the Commune of Villeneuve. Invited, in 2018, to exhibit her sculptures in New York with the famous agency Corcoran, Alexia concretizes in 2019 an acco rd of representation in the USA with the Uncommon Beauty Gallery based in New York In 2019, on the occasion of the 10 years of Equal Pay Day in Switzerland and the 60 years of the right to vote of Women in the Canton of Vaud, Alexia realizes as an artist and artistic director for the BPW Lausanne, the exhibition “Regard10 on equality” in partnership with the Office for equality between women and men (BEFH) of the Canton of Vaud and supported by Clafv (Liaison Center of Vaudois Women’s Associations). She then exhibited her sculptures in New York and then in Dubai at the Chi-Ka Space Art Gallery in the Art district of Alserkal Avenue. Alexia is invited in artist residency by the Alserkal Foundation to present her sculptures and a 10 meters drawing made in the desert of Al Aïn. Alexia takes part in the Ailyos Art Nature exhibition with the sculpture “Archetype” which is acquired at the end of the exhibition by the Commune d’Aigle. She is presenting for the Montreux Biennale “La Vague”, a monumental sculpture representing an aquatic woman, installed for the first time in Leman Lake. This work enters the private collection of Patrick and Leila Delarive at the end of the exhibition. The sculpture is in permanent exhibition at the Halle Inox, at the old Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques de Vevey that Patrick Delarive completely renovated in 2018. Alexia exhibits her sculptures at Aqua Art Basel Miami in December 2019 with Uncommon Beauty Gallery, then at the end of 2020 she will exhibit in New York and in 2021 in Tokyo and Dubai.

Alexia was commissioned by the Municipality of Saint Légier to develop the Boulingrins roundabout which will be installed during the summer of 2020. Alexia Weill is active within business and professional women as a member of the Events Commission of BPW Lausanne Vaud and Equal Pay Day ambassador. For several years, she has been raising public awareness of Genre Gap through original works, which are presented during the Equal Pay Day action day. She is also a member expert in Art within the BPW International network and, since this year, appears in the chapter “Equality through the Arts” of the educational material “The school of equality” created by the Office of the Equality of the Canton of Vaud (BEFH). Alexia Weill is a member of Visarte Vaud. In May 2020, she was elected to the Clafv Committee (center of Liaison of Vaud Women’s Associations).

“Circle of origins” Montreux Biennial 2017