Alexia Weill is a Franco-Swiss sculptor. Her work “Circular Impression” sculpted in marbles, granites, serpentines, limestones, basalts and wood, tells stories of memory and time. She sculpts the organic matter that she associates with resin, metal and bronze to reveal its message. She finds her inspiration in the dialogue with nature and in her interior inspirations which are revealed with each new creation.Holder of a Bachelor in Cinema (ESRA Paris-1994), she followed sculpture courses at the Beaux-Arts of Paris. and drawing. For several years, she has been exploring urban space with original creations where she incorporates the history of a place and her perception of time to deliver creations that are both dynamic and timeless. Her urban works are present in the collections of the cities of Blonay-St Légier, Villeneuve and Aigle.Alexia likes to explore new territories, in 2019 she creates a monumental work (DNA-10x2m) in the Al Aïn desert in Dubai. She is invited to an artist residency by the Alserkal Avenue Foundation to present her sculptures and her monumental drawing. She is the first artist to exhibit a sculpture suspended on Lake Geneva for the Montreux Biennale 2019, “La Vague”, a monumental work marble (2.30m) in tribute to Camille Claudel (Private collection Delarive) is currently on permanent exhibition at the Halle Inox in Vevey, a space open to the public.In 2018, she was the first artist to be invited by the famous American agency Corcoran, to exhibit her works in New York for the opening of “ART & Real Estate”. Her sculptures are then exhibited at Aqua Art Basel Miami with Uncommon Beauty Gallery then in New York in 2019. In 2020 Alexia creates 16 original sculptures for the Nestlé Virtuous Circle Awards and thus enters the collection of the Nestlé Art Foundation. Very committed to the cause of Women, she joined the association Espace artistes femmes in 2020. On February 7, 2021, she is invited to the Grand Council of the Canton of Vaud to present “Gender Equality is Now” and commemorate 50 years of women’s right to vote in Switzerland (private collection of the Office for Equality between Women and Men – BEFH.Alexia is Member of Business & Professional Women Vaud (BPW) as Equal Pay Day ambassador and Art expert within the BPW International network. For several years she has been raising public awareness of Gender Gap through the creation of original works. She is mentioned as a woman artist in the chapter “Equality through the Arts” of the teaching material “At the School of Equality” created by the Office for Equality between Women and Men of the Canton of Vaud (BEFH). In May 2020, she was elected to the Clafv Committee and will chair the Jury of the 3rd Equality Prize in November 2021. In 2019, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Equal Pay Day and the 60th anniversary of Right to vote for Women in the Canton of Vaud, she organizes as an artist and artistic director for the BPW the exhibition “Regard10 on Equality” in partnership with the Bureau for Equality (BEFH), supported by the City of Lausanne.Alexia Weill also participates in numerous charitable events in Switzerland, notably with the Swiss Red Cross International.During the period of confinement, she creates a circle of solidarity for the Riviera Chablais Hospital with many messages that she collects on social networks In December 2020, it brings together 10 artists for the Swiss-Leb anon Art Project and organizes a sale to support Lebanese artists whose studios were destroyed following the explosion of August 4, 2020 in Beirut.In 2021, she participates in a project with the Helvetas Foundation to raise funds for access drinking water in Madagascar.Alexia Weill is a member of Visarte Vaud. Passionate about architecture and the interaction of art with urban space, she studies architecture and imagination with Harvard School of Design (2020) then the CITIESX program (2021). public and private collections: Bureau de l’Egalité (BEFH) “Gender Equality is Now”, City of Saint Légier, roundabout “Dessine-moi un mouton”, City of Villeneuve “Cercles Originels” and “Arboressence”, City of Aigle “Archetype”, Madeleine Moret-Maison de la Femme “Equal Pay Day 2016” (BPW) Foundation, Nestlé Foundation for Art “Virtuous Circle” Popular retreats “Hermès” Private collection Delarive “La Vague” and numerous private collections at USA, Dubai, England, France, Spain, etc.

Portrait by Marie Bagi, Ph.D. in Contemprary art history and Philosophy President and Founder “Espace Artistes Femmes”.

It was in June 2020 that I had the chance to meet Alexia Weill, a sculptor whose talent and life story really appealed to me. Alexia grew up in the art world through her grandparents, a gallery owner and an actress. Her journey as an artist began between evening classes at the Beaux-Arts and the classes of Jean-François Duffau (1942-2017) which leaded her toward an artistic perception of the body and also the need to touch the material. For sixteen years, she has been sculpting stone, which has become her best ally, just as it was for Camille Claudel (1864-1943), including marble, granite and basalt. One of his works, “La Vague”, located at the Halle Inox in Vevey, Switzerland, is a testimony to Camille Claudel. In this work, the woman is included in the wave, while in Camille Claudel’s work, the women are below: a message to recall the importance of the role of women in society. The circle, which governs this work but also all the others, has also become a central element of her work because it carries feminine elements such as the figure of the woman in itself, the curves and also the feminine, in general. Revealing what the stone possesses, she transforms it into an art piece and she breathes new life into it. She participates, in this sense, committing for women but more particularly, for Women artists because their recognition is still a struggle that continue and that has always existed, as we know. At the dawn of this artistic recognition, Alexia Weill brings her contribution building and showing her conviction that she is an artist but also a woman. As I often say, the woman artist does not become an artist, she was born an artist and Alexia Weill does not hesitate to reveal her talent which is part of her intimate life. The intimacy process, as I wrote in my Ph.D. thesis, is essential to understand contemporary art. Enter in the world of her works and her life, and you will understand that they can bring to your museum and to the public, whom she will deeply touch, her contribution in her role as an artist but also as a woman.


“Circle of origins” Montreux Biennial 2017