Alexia Weill is a French-Swiss sculptor who has been living on the Riviera Vaudoise for about fifteen years.

She transforms the stone into round and pure shape. She likes to “dialogue” with the stone to give it another life. She has made her art known through her “Circular Impressions” circles which she curves in all forms of stone, marble, granite, serpentine, limestone, basalt, etc. She exhibited her sculptures in Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Dubai and the United States in New York.

Alexia Weill was born in Paris and took her first steps in the Parisian gallery of her grandfather. She grew up between Paris and Nice and chose to study Film direction at  the Film school of Paris. She is passionate about sculpture and painting from an early age. She decided to complete her training by taking drawing and modeling classes at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and in the sculptor studios between Paris and Nice. After her studies, Alexia worked on filming for feature films, commercials, documentaries, television shows as well as for Publicis Events.

In 2005, she moved to Switzerland on the Riviera. She begins to exhibit her work as a sculptor in Switzerland and France. In 2009, she received the diploma of honor from the Academy of Fine Arts of  South-East France. In 2015, she made her first public commission for the 800 years of the Commune of Villeneuve by creating a sculpture for the new medieval garden. Her sculptures are to discover on the Riviera. In Villeneuve at the edge of the lake with the monumental sculpture “Cercle Originels” realized for the Montreux Biennale 2017, a sculpture of  2.40 meters carved in a single block of white marble. In the medieval garden with the sculpture “Arboressence” made of Arvel stone from the quarries of Villeneuve. In Vevey in the gardens of the Grand Hotel du Lac with the sculpture “Eclosion”…

In October 2018, she is invited to exhibit her sculptures in New York with the famous agency Corcoran.

Alexia Weill is active in the Business & Professional Women of Lausanne as Event Manager and for the Equal Pay Day.

In 2019, she participated as an artist and Artistic Director of BPW in the exhibition “Regard10 on “Equality” in Lausanne in partnership with the Bureau of Equality between Women and Men (BEFH) of the Canton of Vaud. She is also an expert member of Art for BPW Switzerland.

In 2019, she exhibited in Dubai at Chi-Ka Art Space in the Art center Alserkal Avenue. Then in England and New York.


  • 2019                                                                                                    
  • November SWITZERLAND Glacier 3000.
  • September SWITZERLAND Montreux Ladies Open.
  • August SWITZERLAND Biennale de Montreux.
  • May New York Maoneworld and Corcoran.
  • May ENGLAND Kellie Miller Arts Gallery Brighton.
  • February, march, april  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Chi-Ka Art Space Dubai.
  • February & march SWITZERLAND “RegART10 sur l’Egalité”  artistic direction of the exhibition & exhibition of sculptures. Forum de l’Hôtel de Ville at Lausanne.
  • January ITALY Milan Art Fair Mercedes Roldan Art Gallery.
  • 2018
  • December LUXEMBOURG Art Fair Mercedes Roldan Art Gallery.
  • November SWITZERLAND Creation of the Trophies of the Merits of economy for the Riviera-Lavaux, Promove.
  • MAG – Montreux Art Gallery, Gallery Artph7.
  • October USA Corcoran Group & maoneworld New York.
  • August SWITZERLAND Creation of the Trophies Montreux Ladies Open.
  • July & august FRANCE  Cultural center Lavoir Vasserot Saint Tropez.
  • March SWITZERLAND Montreux Dance, Auditorium Stravinski, Sculptures & engravings.
  • February SWITZERLAND Live ART Equal Pay Day – BPW Lausanne.
  • 2017 
  • December FRANCE  Salon National of  Fine Arts at Paris Carrousel of the Louvre.
  • November SWITZERLAND MAG – Montreux Art Gallery. Gallery Artph7.
  • August, september, october SWITZERLAND Biennale of Montreux, “Circles of origines”. Creation of the Trophies of the Montreux Ladies Open.
  • July ENGLAND Kellie Miller Arts Gallery Brighton.
  • May SWITZERLAND Lausanne Art Fair Car’art.
  • April SPAIN Zenith Art Gallery Palma de Mallorca.
  • 2016  
  • December FRANCE Salon National of Fine Arts at Paris Carrousel du Louvre.
  • November SWITZERLAND Car’art Lausanne.
  • September & October Exhibition “Au Commencement était la Femme”  40 years of the Fondation Madeleine Moret, House of Women Lausanne.
  • May to august Exhibition “Circular Impressions ”  Flon, Gallery “Les Cubes” Lausanne.
  • February Live ART Equal Pay Day – BPW Lausanne.
  • 2015 
  • December SWITZERLAND Castle del Castillo à Vevey.
  • October PERMANENT EXHIBITION  Medieval garden of Villeneuve “Arboresssence”.
  • August  Cultural night at Blonay UBS.
  • Gallery Grancy at Lausanne.
  • 2014 
  • July & august SWITZERLAND Plexus Art Gallery  at Montreux. Exposition de 26 sculptures.
  • 2013
  • SWITZERLAND November MAG – Montreux Art Gallery. Plexus Art Gallery, Party with UBS.
  • July & august Grand Hôtel du Lac at Vevey.
  • March, april & may. Gallery Grancy at Lausanne.
  • 2012 
  • June, July & august SWITZERLAND Galerie Meylan at Vevey.
  • 2010
  • September et October MONACO PRINCIPATY Gemlucart Auditorium Rainier III.


“Circle of origins” Biennale of Montreux 2017