Exhibition Montreux Biennial august to october 2019

“La vague” was installed on July 17, 2017 in Montreux. It presents itself in a circle where the water is in perpetual movement, symbol of the life which is renewed eternally. A silhouette of woman coiled in the wave, undulates in this matrix water. Her hair merges with the foam, she melts in this wave, she animates. It generates the circular motion of the wave.  

In homage to Camille Claudel’s “La Vague” or “Les Baigneuses” (1864 -1943) “where the three little bronze women, identical, bend their knees before seeing the huge wave of marble-onyx collapse on them which overhangs them. You can see an image of destiny … “Musée Rodin.

With this work I wanted to represent the woman in action, it is she who gives the movement, it is she who animates the wave.

She takes her destiny in hand, she is no longer very small face to the water element. It is she who influences the movement of water, it becomes this water of creation.


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