Inauguration in Saint Légier of the artistic installation “Draw me a sheep”

Wednesday, September 16, 2020, the Boulingrins roundabout, a place called La Bergerie, was inaugurated in the presence of the Municipality of Saint Légier “Draw me a sheep”, a precious marble work was established in St-Légier.
Alexia Weill, artist sculptor, created 7 sheep in Swiss Cristallina marble, on the theme “Draw me a sheep” for the roundabout of the Boulingrins of the Commune of Saint-Légier-La-Chiésaz. The artist, very active in the region for many years, is resident in St-Légier where she installed part of her studio 3 years ago. The Commune, decided to bet on art for an artistic project, of the four concepts she proposed it is the one “of the sheep” that was chosen.

Inspired by the bucolic atmosphere of the roundabout located near the Château d’Hauteville, a place called “La Bergerie”, Alexia Weill has sculpted sheep out of her imagination in white Cristallina marble. She wished to invite the public to wonder about “what has become of the child we etc, her delicate work was done in the manner of a drawing rather than in 3D. This approach, which our Germanic friends called Kunst am Bau (architectural art in French), is in line with her work “sculpted circles”. The smallest sheep of the family weighs about 50kg, while the biggest ones are close to 120kg, all of them are anchored to the ground thanks to clever and modern stainless steel feet. The magnificent marble used is the only one that is extracted in Switzerland, and this since 1946. This small geological miracle is located in Peccia, in the famous Maggia Valley (TI) which is surrounded by majestic granite and gneiss formations that arose during the alpine folding.
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Alexia Weill with Mr Alain Bovay, Mayor of Saint Légier, Mr Thierry George, Mr Gérald Gygli of the Municipality and Mr Jean-Luc Bürgy President of the Communal Concil.

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