“La Vague” new installation at the “Halle Inox” in Vevey.

La Vague, Halle Inox in Vevey

The Sculpture “La Vague” by Alexia Weill created for the Biennale de Montreux 2019, joined the magnificent Halle Inox in Vevey in early December, after having been exposed for three months in water, a first for the Biennale of Montreux.

This 2.30 cm diameter gray marble sculpture enters the private collection of Mr. Patrick Delarive who renovated the places where the old mechanical workshops of Vevey were formerly located.

This sculpture represents a silhouette of a coiled woman who undulates in raster water. Her hair merges with the foam, she melts into this wave, she enlivens it. Alexia Weill pays tribute to “The Wave” by sculptor Camille Claudel who has long inspired her work by giving it her own interpretation. With this work, Woman is in action, it is she who gives the movement of water, she becomes this water of creation.

Alexia Weill installs for the year 2020, a permanent gallery of her sculptures in this superb place with contemporary design. Other creations are available for purchase there.

The Halle Inox is open during the hours of Restaurant les Ateliers, by Jean-Sébastien Ribette and Sahondra Verdan, which adjoins the Halle and by private appointment with the artist. or +41 78 936 42 25.

History of the Halle Inox

Restaurant Les Ateliers

La Vague, Halle Inox in Vevey
La Vague, Halle Inox in Vevey
La Vague, Halle Inox in Vevey


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