Opening Friday, February 22 for the inauguration of the exhibition RegART10 on Equality, the right to vote for equal pay 1959-2019.

This exhibition is organized by the Office of Equality of the Canton of Vaud, the BPW with the support of the City of Lausanne and CLAFV. During this exhibition, I intervene as artistic director and sculptor.

With the State Councilor Jacqueline de Quattro, the Municipal Councilor Florence Germond, the head of the Bureau of Equality Maribel Rodrigez, the artists and members of the BPW lausanne

With the State Councilor Jacqueline de Quattro.

With the 10th talented artists of RegART10
With The fabulous singer Fanny Leeb.

Part of the speech of Alexia Weill


Artists are born with Humanity. The oldest artistic representations discovered to date date from more than 70,000 years ago. To create is to be connected to the world around us, to be in harmony with nature and its different reigns. It is also to be in communication with the unique source of each archetype that breathes and whispers in the ear of each artist who delivers a personal and unique testimony by his own prism. All artists are familiar with this intuitive inspiration-reception-creation journey where the present expands to create a bubble of time, that of creation. The artists of yesterday and the artists of today are animated by the same flame of creation that propels them to surpass themselves, to be courageous, to be visionary, to be impertinent, to be benevolent, to “be” simply .


Artistic creation has no sex, the artist woman or the artist man is above all an Artist. So why are women artists fully exposed to the effects of sexism? For equal position and equal skills, an artist wins on average 18% less than a man. The importance of the work of female artists has often been downplayed for the benefit of their male counterparts, for no other reason than the stereotypical vision. For example, it has long been considered, almost by default, that the paintings of prehistoric caves were the work of men. It was not until the 2010s that the use of the Manning index (ratio between the index and the ring finger) reveals that the artists were, in fact, very often women. Majority on the benches of art schools then gradually, in the image of a process of evaporation, they become less active, less paid, less helped, less programmed, less rewarded, and finally less in a situation of responsibility than their counterparts.

To mark the ten years of action of Business and Professional Women in favor of Equal Pay and to commemorate the great dates of women’s rights in the Canton of Vaud, we chose to invite 5 women and 5 men artists.
These artists have accepted to create a work and put their Art at the service of a cause, a reflection, a statement, a hope.
We organized with the Bureau of Equality and the Business and Professional Women of Lausanne, a meeting between the artists so that they can get to know each other, build relationships and present the issues of this exhibition. Carte blanche has been given to them for their creation that you can discover today for the inauguration of this exhibition REGART power 10 on Equality.
I wish to thank the artists present today for their commitment and their look. There are big changes to be made in terms of equality. And these changes will come only if our eyes are transformed to become one and the same look, that of the man and the woman in total complementarity.

I invite you to discover the chronological frieze realized by the Bureau of Equality and which retraces the big dates of the fight of the Women since 60 years.
And I invite you to Dance on the egalitarian Tango of the painter Jacques Walther, to eat the Equality pill of the artist photographer Mary Erhardy, to immerse yourself in the eyes of men and women naked and equal of the artist designer Daniel Eisenhut, to follow the courage of Dona Quichotta of the painter Andrea Dora, to enter the present world of Equality is here and now the painter Noel Hemon, to discover the natural order with the Vision of the artist Motoko Watanabe, to wear the trousers of the Equality of the painter Boris Chiaradia, to see your reflection in the mirrors of the artist photographer Nerea Nara, to discover the victory of the right to vote of the artist Sébastien Pridmore, to be in revolt with the creation of Ikebana of Ines Massin and to be in the Truth that propels to the changes with the sculpture of the omniscient Eye.


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