Sculptures in public spaces and cultural places


Municipality of Saint Légier.

To come in june 2020, art on Boulingrins roundabout.


Municipality of Aigle

“Archetype” 2019

White marble sculpture (133cm), Grande-Eau park. It represents the Archetype of the Human who is aware of the laws of nature. Presented at Ailyos Art Nature in 2019, it was acquired by the municipality at the end of the exhibition and installed in October 2019.

Municipality of Vevey

“The wave” 2019

Gray marble sculpture (230 cm). Creation for the Biennale de Montreux 2019, was exhibited in Lake Geneva then installed at the Halle Inox in Vevey in the Former Mechanical Construction Workshops. Private collection Patrick and Leila Delarive. It represents a woman with long hair who gives life to water in a perpetual and infinite movement. Tribute to sculptor Camille Claudel. Visit by Les Ateliers or


Municipality of Villeneuve

“Original Circles” 2017

Sculpture in white marble (220cm) presented at the Biennale de Montreux 2017 then installed on the quays of the Municipality of Villeneuve. 5 circles related to the 5 elements: earth, fire, water, air, ether.és/villeneuve_actualites_75.pdf

“Arboressence” 2015

Arvel stone sculpture (110cm) made for the creation of the medieval garden in 2015. Femininity with vegetal hair.