Salon des Beaux-Arts de Paris – Exhibition

The Salon des Beaux-Arts in Paris 2016 was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of numerous personalities from the world of Art and Culture.
The works presented by international artists were admired by many Art lovers throughout the evening.
A very beautiful installation by the Japanese artist Suitou Nakatsuka welcomes you in a poetic atmosphere in a journey among calligraphies suspended in space that invites you to dream and introspection.
A very beautiful exhibition of sculptures and paintings whose staging and lighting are the creation this year of the artist and architect Bruno Moinard.
A big thank you to all the team of the Salon de Beaux-Arts, Mrs Isabelle Lawson the director, Mrs Catherine Sévénac, director of the painting and organizing section, Mr Michel King, President of the Salon des Beaux-Arts in Paris.



Alexia Weill the Artist, Mrs Catherine Sévénac Art coordinator, Mrs Catherine Scharf in charge of Culture for Swiss Embassy in France.

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